Travelling with Inflammatory Arthritis

Travelling with inflammatory arthritis needn’t be a struggle. It’s best to plan and prepare, so here are some things to consider:

Do I have enough medication to last the whole trip?

It’s best to make sure that you have extra, just in case you get delayed. Talk to your doctor ahead of time so that extra medications can be ordered. If crossing time zones, also try to make sure you take your medications at the right time, you can talk to your doctor about how best to manage this.

What paperwork do I need to carry with me?

Always check if you need any special paperwork to travel with your medicine, this will help to avoid problems at customs. Some medications for inflammatory arthritis will require a travel certificate to enable you to take your medicines with you. It's usually best to pack your medicines in your hand luggage so that they don’t go missing.

Do my medicines need to be refrigerated?

Some medications need to be kept cool at all times. Check with your travel company and accommodation ahead of time to make sure that they can accommodate your needs.

Do I have the right insurance?

Travel insurance can be a vital support if you ever need it. Make sure that you tell the insurance company about all of your health conditions.

Do I need extra support such as help with my bags or a wheelchair if there's a long walk?

If you are flying and use a wheelchair or have mobility issues, book ‘special assistance’. Airlines, airports, cruise ships and ferries in the EU are legally obliged to provide free help and assistance.

What travel vaccinations do I need?

It’s always best to speak to your doctor well in advance to make sure that any travel vaccinations you may need don’t interfere with your medication.

Top tips

Man on a plane

On the journey

Normally, travelling involves sitting down for long periods of time. Try to change position as often as possible. For example, swap from sitting to standing, and move your joints around when practical.


If you have mobility problems, try to book a ground floor room or one near a lift. If you need mobility aids, make sure that you book them in advance and check that the room is large enough for you to use the aids you need.